The irreplaceable shoeWith the name SUEI, an acronym for “la scarpa unica è insostituibile” [the unique and irreplaceable shoe], the new brand created by Tatiana Pivovarova is characterised by an exclusive design and important collaborations with the world of art

Jun 05, 2019
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img_1303The first collection is an ode to the boot: every model is interpreted as a unique piece, capable of telling its own story, an emotion, which also arrives from the collaboration with artists coming from Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy. These are the origins of the XIII model, which expresses the love of artist Francesca Morlacchi for horseback riding, while VII Gallo Rosso is covered in Swarovski and Preciosa strass. There is then the Golden Gate Bridge that celebrates the architecture of the legendary bridge in San Francisco, along with XV Yin & Yang that features the heel with a built-in ball that was specially designed for the collection…

A graduate from the Arsutoria School, this is how Tatiana Pivovarova expresses her passion for shoes: the new collection is produced in Tuscan factories using top-of-the-line production methods and premium materials, with special attention reserved for stylish details. Alongside its collection of boots, Suei has also produced its first collection of gloves.


ARSUTORIA School has been organizing shoes and bags design and pattern making courses since 1947, courses globally recognized as the […]

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