The fashion table reopensOn Tuesday 9 October, at MISE [the Ministry of Economic Development], the first round table of the Italian Committee of Fashion and Accessories was held and presided over by Minister Luigi Di Maio.

Oct 11, 2018
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Minister Di Maio, together with the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Alberto Bonisoli, and Undersecretary Michele Geraci, met up with the Italian Committee of Fashion and Accessories, officially recognizing the importance of “a key sector for the economic growth of the country and the promotion of Made in Italy around the world”, while also confirming the desire of the government to “continue to provide strong support to fashion, contributing to the growth of exports and tackling the sector’s risks and challenges, starting from environmental sustainability and the digital transformation of Italian companies, including especially those from the South and SMEs”.

Among the members of the Committee present were Claudio Marenzi, President of Confindustria Moda, Carlo Capasa, President of CNMI, Silvia Venturini Fendi, President of Alta Roma, Fabio Petrella, President of Confartigianato Moda, and for the footwear industry, Tommaso Cancellara, Director of Assocalzaturifici. From this Association arrives the news that the preliminary meeting of the fashion table has already confirmed what was announced by Minister Di Maio during his official visit to MICAM (when the above photo was taken with Annarita Pilotti, President of Assocalzaturifici) and that is: the desire to promote Made in Italy, to continue to fight against counterfeiting, to promote professional training, and to reinforce fairs and trade missions.

With the dialogue of the fashion table once again underway in a climate of mutual understanding and continuity with the past, it will soon be necessary to establish the pathway this sector will go down.


MICAM is the most important international exhibition event dedicated to footwear. The event, organized and sponsored by Assocalzaturifici, takes place […]

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