The ‘beauty’ of safetyState-of-the-art safety footwear is no longer satisfied with only being safe, while ensuring maximum comfort. Now, it insists on also being aesthetically appealing and a pleasure to wear, even outside of work. From A+A 2017 in Dusseldorf, the two-year international fair of reference for safety and health in the workplace, we made a selection of some of the proposals that best represent these new trends in safety footwear.

Nov 20, 2017
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News from A + A 2017


  • Meteor Line by Dike
  • Skate Line by Lotto Works
  • Diamond Mod. by Uniwork
  • Safety Light Line by Jolly Scarpe
  • TeamWork Line by Sparco
  • City Line by Giasco
  • Sprint Sport Mod. by FTG
  • Industry Plus Line by Industrial Starter
  • LeMans Mod. by Kapriol



Dike – Sergio Reniero


“We are presenting a first-ever sneak preview of our Meteor Line, which closely adheres to our company mission. Starting from high quality and high performance materials and technologies, it focuses on aesthetics and attention to detail, while especially emphasising the rainbow range of colours that has always been a hallmark of our brand. The ‘rainbow’ tones used in the linings of our footwear can, in fact, be found in the external straps and midsoles of this new collection. The footwear – available in a high and low version, and in full-grain leather or canvas -, is also characterized by properties of extreme lightness, flexibility, and comfort. The dual density PU sole with compact tread and slight heel with grooves protects the foot even more against impacts with the ground, while the upper in a vintage finished mesh version coupled with fabric, offers a striking array of colour pairings with the underlying fabric. The attention to detail is highlighted also by the presence of dual laces in two different colours, which the consumer can complete by requesting laces in the three other available ‘rainbow’ tones, for an even more personalised look”.


Lotto Works – Giuseppe Ingrassia

“The latest Lotto Works proposal is its new Skate Line that is characterized by an urban and sporty style, which comes available with two certifications: S1P or S3, both of which include a SRC certified anti-slip sole. The Italian design and leather upper are combined with state-of-the-art anti-perforation support, in accordance with the latest “Nail 3.0” regulations. Other characteristics include an EVA midsole, which offers excellent shock-absorption; a ‘Fly cap’ toe-cap, which ensures maximum protection and lightness; and the new anatomical, breathable, and antistatic arch support system, with seamless interior. The parts are all completely metal-free. Moreover, the sole is characterized by two important technologies: Puntoflex, a special technical device that allows the foot to flex correctly, and Shock Off, a shock-absorption system that improves shock absorption and helps protect the foot by absorbing and releasing the energy of impacts”.


Uniwork – Roberto Mastrullo

“Among our new leading products is the Diamond model, which was officially presented at A+A. Available in a High and Low version, it has an especially meticulous design that brings it close to the world of jogging shoes, while however also adhering to the requirements of the safety shoes world through high performance features.  The PU HRO 300 sole is heatproof up to 300 degrees and around 30% more lightweight than a normal PU sole. Ideal for indoor environments, it has a composite toe-cap, Kevlar midplate, breathable lining, and upper made of synthetic nubuck with waterproof cordura. S3 waterproof and non-metallic, it is designed for use in airports, warehouses, and for all mid to light work activities”.


Jolly Scarpe – Ludovica Petronio

“We are at A + A with some prototypes from our Safety Light Line, which will subsequently be developed in accordance with the market’s demands. The models are characterized by the use of ultralight breathable microfiber, with high abrasion resistance, which is also PVC-free and accordingly eco-friendly. Among the main new important products is a line realized in collaboration with Gore-Tex, which includes models in Low and Mid versions, an especially sophisticated style, and touches of colour on the upper and on the laces”.


Sparco – Fabio Donà

“Our company was founded in Torino in 1977, during the revolutionary years that led up to the introduction of stricter regulations in the technical outfitting of pilots and the safety fittings of cars. Starting in 2012, we decided to expand our activities to include not only the world of car rallies, but also the world of workplace safety. However, it is only from this year that we have completely renewed our lines, by focusing on the use of highly technological materials, prioritizing the lightness that is extremely important in the world of rallies, and paying attention to style. The design of our footwear takes its cue from pilot shoes, with an ultra-thin tread that is extremely grip-fast, easy drive heels, and a tapered shape, for footwear that is so good-looking and a pleasure to wear; it can even be worn outside of the workplace. At A+A, we debuted with a new safety line designed for use in the Construction industry, a sector where we were not yet present, which is completely Made in Italy, with S3 certification for dynamic resistance to water penetration. It is characterized by a nubuck upper, 3D mesh breathable lining, easy fastening system, which also includes a high visibility insert, dual density PU sole and reinforced anti-slip lining. The new 2018 range of proposals includes the TeamWork footwear line, with ESD certification suited to those jobs requiring the handling of microchips, the production of electrostatic-sensitive parts, painting, medical field use, or for those individuals working in close contact with flammable liquids and gases. In particular, the line features the Endurance model (S3 certified, SRC), which is characterized by a composite toe-cap with impact resistance up to 
200J, an anti-perforation arch support in woven fiber 
, a PU dual density injected sole with front toe-cap, an antistatic PU insole with ergonomic thermoforming, an inner lining made of breathable mesh, and an exquisite suede upper that is resistant to water penetration


Giasco – Ettore Caneva

“We presented a first-time preview of the City Line work sneaker, available in a High, Mid, and Low version. Its main feature is a sole with gel insert, which reduces the stress caused by the impact of the foot hitting the ground when walking. At the same time, it provides an energy return with each step taken. Another characteristic is the design of the ‘invisible’ tread, which gives the shoe a slimmer look similar to that of a sneaker, while maintaining however a solid grip that weighs less. Finally, the dual density PU sole guarantees greater comfort and lightness, while the upper features new combinations of colours and lightweight materials, like eco-leather or breathable fabrics”.


FTG Safety Shoes – Luciano Trevisan

“Our latest development is our collaboration with Boa for the Sport and Comfort Lines. In the Sport line, standing out in particular is the Sprint model, which comes available in a High and Low version, with Stretch Tex fabric, and polyester padding around the malleolus in a honeycomb design with striking graphics. It is also S3 certified for resistance to water. The Boa technology it is fitted with allows for the fastening and unfastening of the shoe with micrometric quick adjustment. Completing the sporty design is the Thin Cap non-metallic toe-cap with a tapered shape. It is ideal footwear for both indoor and outdoor jobs, thanks to its water resistance. ESD certification with electrostatic resistance completes the model.

As far as the Comfort Line is concerned, the models fitted with Boa technology are Concorde and Falcon, with a classic look and sturdy and solid sole, suitable for outdoor use. They stand out for their upper in Safety-Nubuk, a high-tech microfiber that makes it possible to obtain S3 certification without the use of chrome. Moreover, since 2005, we have also been collaborating with Ducati, as worldwide licensees for the Racing Ducati Corse line.  We are now presenting new extremely sporty looking prototypes for it, made from a dual layer of fabric and microfiber, along with Thin Cap technology, and S3 certification for two of the models”.


Industrial Starter – Andrea Baita

“The new products presented at A+A are mainly from our new footwear catalogue, which features 11 new products and the new line of Extreme apparel. Standing out in particular in the new catalogue is the Elastic Fabric Line, which we first launched 12 years ago for our workwear apparel line, reintroducing it in 2016, as pioneers also in the world of work footwear. In the catalogue, there is a new Industry Plus footwear line, which is Metal Free and characterized by dual density soles that are very light and flexible, for footwear that weighs only 530 grams. Instead, with regards to the Stretch Extreme apparel line, the latest development regards the new ‘In Box’ packaging and the special features that recall the world of mountains, with anti-abrasion cordura inserts and a slim fit in line with the latest fashion trends. Moreover, the pants with triple stitching can also be lengthened by 3cm”.


Kapriol – Alessandro Morganti

“At A+A, we presented the new LeMans footwear model fitted with a Michelin sole, which although it is mainly destined for indoor activities, has characteristics that also allow it to be adapted for outdoor use. The sole is inspired by the Alpin 5 tire, which guarantees exceptional performance, also when breaking on wet surfaces; and it is characterized by a special anti-slip design with deep grooves that favour the discharge of water, while offering greater flexibility. Stability and a good grip are instead ensured by solid side lugs, while the compound it is made from allows for a high level of resistance to abrasion and wear-and-tear. The upper is made from cut-resistant mesh with reinforced stitching; the first eyelet is metal to avoid the accidental breaking of laces, while a gusset in the tongue prevents dust from penetrating the shoe. The overall look is very sporty, making it a work sneaker”.

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