The Alcedo private equity firm enters in Atlantic StarStrong from the successes achieved in just five years of activity, Atlantic Star cements a deal with the investor Alcedo SGR in order to put the pedal to the metal on internationalisation.

May 19, 2018
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Founded in 2014, the premium handmade sneaker brand with a vintage 80’s appeal and 100% Made in Italy construction immediately wins over the market, pulling off an exceptiatlantic-star-adv-campaignonal growth trend that has led it to a forecasted 17-million-euro turnover in 2018, with 35% generated by exports. The brand’s main markets are not only in Europe, but also in Japan and South Korea, where the sophisticated Italian proposal has many admirers.

Moreover, an agreement has just been cemented with Alcedo IV, the Treviso-based private equity firm, which acquires 60% of the company, while the remaining 40% remains in the hands of the founders Alessandro Squarzi, Cristiano Martelli, Gian Luca Zucchelli and Matteo Zoni. The aim is that of doubling the sales of Atlantic Star and the newly launched Rov brand, which is instead dedicated to the market of accessible luxury.

Besides the Milan showroom and flagship store in Tokyo, Atlantic Star is currently distributed by an international network of more than 500 mulitbrands.


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