a.testoni – Easy-chic luxuryInspired by the beauty of the sea and by an atmosphere of freedom and nonconformity, the new a.testoni collection effortlessly interprets footwear luxury

Jul 25, 2018
Posted in: , Shoes on Stage

a-testoni-pe-2019-sabot-intreccio-in-nappa-nappa-nei-colori-blu-bianco-talco_low“Simple Beauty By The Sea” is the motto of the new proposals for the 2019 Spring/Summer. Extremely soft slippers, nappa sabots and ultra-light sneakers feature refined weaves in blue, white, talc or tobacco-coloured kangaroo. The cork theme presented in the double-buckle derby in vegetable tanned cocoa-coloured calfskin is extremely elegant yet casual. The sole made by cork, leather and rubber is a perfect mix of technology and naturalness: the sole is lighter, more insulating and cushioning. The “Wave” sneaker from the Black Label line is made of vegetable-tanned kangaroo with a running bottom, whereas the threads create a shading effect in brown tones. The hues range from various shades of blue to white, ivory, cocoa and talc, arriving at the colour of sun from dawn to dusk. There are also a variety of eco-sustainable proposals: a natural material such as wood is the protagonist of the a.testoni eco line - FSC traced and certified - which is subjected to a special process that makes it as soft as leather and as flexible as fabric, ideal for a compact and functional backpack, which combines practicality with eye-catching veining effects.

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