Tera-03 wins the Milano Montagna Vibram Factory 2017 AwardAnd Replicant wins the Vibram Special Award

Oct 26, 2017
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A sports shoe that unites technological innovation with social responsibility, Tera-03 is the winner in the “Footwear” category of the Milano Montagna Vibram Factory 2017 contest.  progetto-tera-0-3

The brainchild of Laura Agnoletto, this contest dedicated to the sports world is organised in collaboration with Vibram, which granted awards to the five winners for the 2017 edition this past Monday 23 October at Milan’s Santeria Social Club.

Tera-03 was developed by the South African industrial designer Matthew Edwards and is a low-cost, multipurpose gym shoe suited to any kind of sports activity, from rugby to running, and from cycling to rock climbing. Also made available to children coming from South Africa’s poorest communities, it has a hybrid design that incorporates different characteristics and a choice of engineered materials.

Another footwear model instead won in the category of Vibram Special Award: Replicant. Developed by Giacomo Piazzi and made with the support of La Sportiva, it has a mountain running shoe concept that allows for its personalization, both in terms of aesthetics and key functions. It combines the functional approach of a technologically advanced sole with the principle of personalizing the upper, where it is possible to add or remove different components and inserts, in accordance with the discipline and design requirements.progetto-replicant

The other winners of the Milano Montagna Vibram Factory Contest were “Giano”, a system conceived by Francesco Gatti, which allows a bicycle to compensate for the difference in height between the seat and handlebars; and “Isbjorn” by the French designer Corentin Bricout: a snowboarder outfit with the back of the jacket lengthened for greater protection and insulation, and pockets with sensors that make it a must-have for today’s youth.

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