Soccer, Bowling and Frisbee: the new products proposed by FTGIn 1959, FTG Safety Shoes S.p.a. began studying, producing, and directly selling safety footwear, arriving at a position of leadership in the market. An attentive selection of the very best and most innovative raw materials, together with the know-how acquired over decades of experience, have in fact made FTG’s products highly resistant with maximum performance, while also guaranteeing the end user a high degree of comfort.

Jan 09, 2018
Posted in: , Safety

Among the new models proposed and in line with the company’s philosophy are the “Soccer”, “Bowling”, and “Frisbee” lines with a youthful and cutting-edge look. All the models are characterised by an innovative “Sport” sole, which is presented alongside the “Shock Absorber” in the heel, and special “Stop System”, which ensures a greater degree of safety when going up and down ladders and/or scaffolding. Moreover, the sole is characterised by two distinct areas, the first of which is known as the “Comfort Area”, covering the entire central area and extending to the inside of the sole for greater comfort.  There is then the “Grip Area”, located on the external part of the sole, which through a special shape, allows for a stronger grip on slippery surfaces, especially when it comes to uneven terrain.


The three models are S1P SRC certified and completely Metal Free, since they are fitted with a composite toe-cap and fabric anti-perforation midplate. Moreover, they are all ESD certified and accordingly suited to work environments where it is necessary to guarantee protection from electrostatic discharges. Made out of microfiber and mesh, with a high degree of resistance and breathability, they are lined with a special “honeycomb” structure, which increases the circulation of air inside the shoe for greater breathability, while also lowering the temperature inside it. In order to guarantee comfort for all foot types, the instep of these models is 12.

Lightweight and resistant, the new models are aimed at those individuals desiring a shoe characterised by innovation and a modern style, without having to forego the maximum protection and durability inherent to a safety shoe.

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