Sneakers according to BaldininiThe casual side is the total protagonist and is expressed by sneakers, which show their most urban face.

Feb 15, 2019
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Built around important details, with a constant search for textures and colours that are in line with the winter trend, the Baldinini sneakers do not forget their essence, defined in a new interpretation of the concept of running, in which hypertechnical and extremely light materials create shoes that are totally high-performing, basic and with a high-tech flavour, perfect for sports activity, ideal for leisure time.

The boots are versatile models that amplify the comfort factor in their strong and masculine character, and are made more precious thanks to a skilled search in the special use of materials, of processing methods and of the uppers used. The extreme attention to detail is summed up in the lambskin lining, with a futuristic look amplified by the lateral zipper.


It was far back in 1910 when the family, of which Gimmi Baldinini is the third generation, took its first […]

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