Shoes from Spain B2B e-Commerce beats expectationsOver 1.300 registered retailers and 2.500 products available in 5 months

Jan 10, 2018
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The Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE) leads this initiative with a view to opening a new sales channel to multi-brand stores and strengthening the positioning of Spanish footwear abroad.

With almost 70 new stores each week, the trade-only platform has exceeded expectations in its 5 months lifetime.

80% of the registered and validated buyers are foreign retailers, thus reinforcing the platform’s main purpose of becoming a new export channel for Spanish footwear companies. French (26%), Italian (20%), German (7%) and North American (6%) stores outstand.

FICE will keep on promoting Shoes from Spain B2B e-Commerce to footwear specialty stores and clothing boutiques throughout Europe and the United States. Although the platform was born with an international scope, the promotion campaign will focus on the European and American markets in a first stage, where shoes from Spain enjoy a solid image.

Promotion will continue in the early months of 2018 during the fashion and footwear trade shows (fall-winter 2018/19 collections). Shoes from Spain B2B e-Commerce will have an information stand at the most important trade shows to introduce the platform to buyers, as it already did during the SS18 season at theMICAM (Milan), FN PLATFORM (Las Vegas), MOMAD Shoes (Madrid), Poznan Fashion Fair (Poznan) and Shoes from Spain Exhibition (Tokyo).

30 shoe brands from Spain are currently sellers on the platform, including leading brands like Pons Quintana, Kanna, Lola Cruz, Fluchos and Martinelli. Shoes from Spain B2B e-Commerce has a catalogue of 2.500 available products, where different seasonal items live together.

Shoes from Spain B2B e-Commerce is the online platform where the best shoe brands from Spain and worldwide retailers meet. The platform will help shoe brands from Spain to reach out to multi-brand retailers, both in Spain and internationally, and place orders online.

Through this initiative, FICE supports the digitalization in the Spanish footwear sector and offers a business solution that will strengthen its position in international markets and foster the access to new clients at a moderate cost.

Shoes from Spain B2B Marketplace has been developed by Uppler, a US-based company that has consolidated experience in creating B2B platforms in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. The project is also supported by the French company Webhelp Payment Services, specialist in credit management, that is in daily contact with 35,000 points of sale in Europe and the US.

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