When the shape supports the function: Benincasa ShoesThe principle of modernism passes from architecture to footwear, thanks to the vision of Maija Benincasa. The stylist who studied at the Arsutoria school, associates the aesthetics of her footwear with a functionality that also ensures comfort. For this reason, she invented an original method for customising the shoe and allowing her customers to enjoy a tailored experience.

Feb 18, 2019
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How does it work? When ordering Benincasa Milano shoes online, you will directly receive at home a kit for measuring the shape of your foot. Once you have sent the kit back to the company, a 3D image will be created, allowing for the development of an ad hoc insole, which will then be inserted into the footwear ordered, thus guaranteeing the wearer a feeling of maximum comfort and well-being while walking.


The Benincasa Milano Shoes project arrives from faraway: during her studies at the Arsutoria school in Milan, Maija learned to design shoes by combining aesthetics with functionality. However, it is only during her trip to the Ligurian Riviera that the beginnings of the idea of a tailored comfort came into being. Even with the most well-made high-heeled shoes, her lengthy explorations of Portofino ended with her feet hurting at the end of the day. Thus, after receiving her degree from Arsutoria, Maija returned home where she studied the anatomy of the foot, and together with experts from the Southwestern Medical Center of the University of Texas, she finally developed the system that ensures her shoes today are not only one hundred percent stylish and chic, but also capable of offering a made-to-measure comfort.

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