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Italia Runnics , the Spanish marketplace dedicated to runners with an offering of over 50 thousand items of apparel and running shoes, arrives in Italy.

May 29, 2018
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Antonello Marrocco

First conceived in Spain, Runnics quickly became the fastest growing online provider specialized in sports. Today, it opens a site in Italy, offering a catalogue that features more than 50 thousand products to Italian runners.

The selection of Runnics Italia products boasts of an average discount of 30% and the possibility to make the best possible purchase thanks to the support of three different functions: Perfect Match, a revolutionary algorithm that allows you to make the perfect choice when choosing the most suitable shoe and apparel in line with your tastes and needs; Size Match, the algorithm that suggests shoe size and the most suitably sized clothing; and BPA-Best Price Available, which presents the best price-size-colour combination for any shoe.

“In Italy there are at least 6 million runners, but an initiative as complete, and above all as specialised, as this one did not previously exist –comments Antonello Marrocco, one of the investors in Runnics Italia, who is also a professional athlete in the category of Mountain Running – If we think about how footwear like sneakers is aimed at a public of athletes and enthusiasts, we will then understand that we are dealing with both professionals and lovers of comfortable footwear. So, it is not just one marketplace, which guides us in our choices, indicating the best possible price, but also a website where it is possible to find useful advice provided by experts. A way of being closer to the consumer, in consideration of their interests and needs: this is exactly what was missing in Italy”.

Runnics Italia is not only an online sales site but also a social network: on its blog, runners and athletes from around the world share their experiences and offer useful advice. It is an observatory open to the world that collects fashions, trends, and technical and sports-related information… it also makes the most of important connections, like its collaboration with Foro Atletismo, the best Spanish running site, or with leading figures in the sports world, like the athlete Carla Sacramento, the 44-year old Olympic athlete from Portugal, who won a gold medal in the Women’s 1500 metres at the 1997 World Championships in Athens. The numbers of Runnics are also extremely positive: 3 million visits to its site in 2017 and the number of orders doubled from 2016, with 50% of them placed by mobile device. Moreover, this growth continues in 2018: during the first term, sales rose by 134% over the same period in 2017. Additionally, Runnics has more than forty active collaborations: among them are the most important online sports retailers in Europe, various sports and fashion brands, and offline retailers that are interested in developing their online business. However, the site is now looking around for new business partners in Italy, stores that sell sports items, which through its channel will be able to access 4 different markets in Europe.

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