RS-0 PLAYThe famous Running System (RS) by Puma comes back from the 80s and is completely rebooted.

Jun 07, 2018
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nss-puma-rs-0-play-1_lowIt is a real return to the future. Future meets retro to find again enthusiasm, style and innovative spirit.

Puma remembers its great success from the 80s and proposes a rebooted and revised edition. It maintains the cushioning technology that made it famous, pushing it towards the future: the updated silhouette and the refined details make the new RS-0 PLAY a must have.

The inspiration came directly from the arcade, psychedelic and hypnotic videos, with pop colours and translucent details to obtain a modern and youthful look. Red and yellow padded inserts inspired by the buttons of the consoles of the past and a color-blocking design characterize the extremely comfortable sole.


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