Reebok cultivates shoesNot just popcorn: corn can also be used to make shoes!

Jun 30, 2017
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This is the latest technology offered up by Reebok, with the launching of the project “Cotton & Corn”, which is aimed at creating a completely sustainable line of footwear. The first proposal of the collection is a sneaker with cotton upper and a sole that is produced from a special derivative of corn: eco-friendly from the cradle to the grave, at the end of its lifecycle, it can even be used as a fertilizer!
This is one more step forward along the path of sustainability, made possible thanks to the research of the Reebok Future team in collaboration with DuPont Tate and Lyle BioProducts, which is specialized in biodynamic and high performance solutions. In fact, this collaboration has led to the development of the propanediol Susterra, an extraordinary ecological material derived from corn that is free of toxic materials and petroleum, and used in the creation of the “Cotton & Corn” sole.
“It is only the first step taken in our Cotton & Corn initiative. – explains Bill McInnis who is in charge of the Reebok Future team – We want to use only natural materials that can be reintegrated into nature, avoiding petroleum derivatives. At the same time, we are aware that consumers are not willing to renounce the aesthetic appeal and performance of the shoe. Finally, we are concerned with the future of the shoe once it has reached the end of its lifecycle, striving to offer products that can naturally be broken down into compost after use. We are proud to say that at Reebok we cultivate shoes”.

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