Red Lion by U-Power: 55% more energy, 100% more possibilities!The mission of the company from Paruzzaro (NO) is to create a reliable point of reference dedicated to improving employees’ quality of life, by offering them a capital of absolutely unique know-how and expertise in the sector of Personal Protection Equipment.

Nov 14, 2018
Posted in: , Safety

The facts reconfirm the brand’s philosophy that can be summed up by the motto “Don’t worry, be happy”: at around one and a half years from the official launching of the new Red Lion line on the market, the work shoe that provides the wearer with energy return, continues to meet up with success in terms of sales and end customer satisfaction.

Making these shoes unique is the inclusion in the sole of an Infinergy® insert, the first expanded TPU (E-TPU= Expanded Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) to be developed by the BASF Group, a worldwide leading chemical company. This material is characterised by extreme lightness and elasticity and is already successfully in use in running shoes, allowing for a 55%-plus energy return with each step taken, while guaranteeing maximum comfort and reactivity, with an anti-fatigue effect that lasts all day long.

Thanks to Red Lion shoes by UPower, workers no longer have the problems associated with wearing shoes over an extended period of time, using them to walk across long distances, and the stress resulting from different movements and postures. At the same time, they are able to fully benefit from a consistent level of maximum comfort.

The Red Lion line includes a wide selection of articles, with more than 50 models that can be visualised on the website, which are capable of satisfying every possible demand, thanks to their unique and one-of-a-kind comfort and incredible anti-fatigue effect: from the catering industry to construction, from artisanal workshops to the logistics industry, every working environment has a corresponding model that perfectly replies to the needs of the worker.

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