Pretziada’s homage to Sardinian minimalismA creative duo capable of exporting historical Sardinian know-how to the world. A contemporary design able to reappraise the Italian island by combining craftsmanship, fashion, tourism and storytelling.

Mar 28, 2018
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boot-verticale-2Ivano Atzori and Kyre Chenven have launched an extraordinary project which conveys the story of the life of Sardinia through its archaic culture, its most unknown products, its ancient techniques, to be safeguarded through a contemporary reinterpretation.

Where? Obviously on the company’s website which is not the usual blog, or site for tourists, or typical e-commerce site, but rather a beautiful home with lots of rooms to wander through and to make you feel comfortable browsing the shelves and drawers.

A beautiful story that brings together local artists and international designers, in order to revisit traditional objects and promote and sell them worldwide through e-commerce and the presence in selected concept stores.

A few pieces with a past to discover, such as the Nuptial Vases. Among these cult objects there is also the Pretziada Boot, the shepherd’s shoe.

What fascinates you most about your project?
“The idea of being able to see a piece of Sardinian agricultural and pastoral life in boutiques all over the world, alongside famous international brands”.

You are a couple in life too?
“We have two children and we live in the Sardinian countryside”.


What is the history behind the remake of your Sardinian boot?
“In Sardinia, every village had its own cobbler who made the same shoes for everyone (men, women and children, doctors or teachers…). The shepherd’s boot was similar and had specific characteristics throughout the island, with some different details that allowed anyone to recognise in which area of Sardinia the boot came from”.

Which one have you chosen?
“Our Pretziada Boot is based on the 'Sarcidano', a model that was used in the central southern region of the island. A tribute to minimalism, it has a refined shape and strong details. The quarters fold over each other and are closed by an overlapping tongue which makes the boot sturdy and water resistant. Traditional vegetable-tanned leather has been replaced with softer and stronger Cusna leather, while the complex, but extremely durable Ideal construction has been kept”.

Have you also modified the sole?
“No. It is the same as the one that Sardinian shepherds have been using for years. Made entirely from natural rubber, it provides superior grip while remaining perfectly smooth. This practical choice ensures easy and fast cleaning of the sole and leaves less footprints on the ground, which is great if you want to avoid bandits, which is what old Sardinian shepherds hoped for”.


Ivano Atzori

Ivano worked as a graffiti artist all over Europe. He is an expert on underground cultures and has collaborated with Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Barry McGee and Nike.


Kyre Chenven

Kyre is from California and worked as a manager, set designer, creative director and hospitality in New York, San Francisco, Milan and Tuscany. For 10 years, she lived in different parts of Italy.

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