Pampili: for the pink heart of girlsFor more than thirty years, Pampili has been designing and producing girls’ footwear and has by now become one of the most beloved brands in the children’s footwear industry. 

Aug 03, 2017
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pampili-3In the headquarters of Biriguì, every year the company’s 4 production facilities produce around 4.5 million pairs of shoes, 12% of which are destined for international markets, with 50 different destinations in five continents.
Pampili would like to be of inspiration to little girls:  transforming their dreams and fantasies into joy, comfort, beauty, and style, and taking part in every single step of their lives, while making the difference for the future.  An ambitious mission that translates into a way of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses.
pampili-1Like the ones worn by Pampili girls:  for them, the creative department, “Mundo da Menina” (the Universe of Girls), made up by stylists, technicians, and specialists from the girls’ segment, develops striking and trendy collections, rich in fashion details that seem to be little works of art.  All the products are strictly tested following the highest standards, in order to ensure quality and the comfort of growing feet, while special patented devices, like the Advanced Comfort System and Feet Care System, fit the shoe of little girls with biolatex biodegradable insoles, which increase the comfort of the shoe and health of the foot.
Pampili shoes are distributed in the 12 flagship stores and 8 thousand points of sale worldwide.  The Brazilian company is also actively involved in various charitable projects, aimed at benefitting disabled children and their families, while also promoting the development of young talents and introducing children to eco-friendly concepts.

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