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Ukraine crisis affects theMicam

Ukraine crisis affects theMicam

The Milanese fair saw a drop in visitors from the Russian area. The new format goes into progress on 31 August: a more targeted product layout in the halls and enhanced service for buyers

Dec 27, 2013

Giants, Ice and Lightning

In January 2013, extreme sports photographer Thomas Senf headed off for Norway with a team of fearless Mammut ice climbers.

Nov 08, 2013

PYSIS – Protect Your Shoes in Style is a really new concept, overboots to cover and protect any type of footwear from weather conditions

Nov 05, 2013

From the mandatory labelling of origin to the importance of European production through to international customs, many topics were discussed in the opening part of theMICAM

Oct 31, 2013

A good bill of health for FFANY, of which he has been the head for over 13 years, and prospects for the American footwear market which, nevertheless, must soon face the problem of increasingly costly Chinese production