Omni-channel retailing and integration of distribution channelsThe Expo Riva Schuh opening talk with Daniel Agis Branchi as the protagonist

Jun 30, 2017
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Over the next 5 years, retail and the footwear supply chain will change in a way that has never before been seen over the last 50 years: we are not yet sure how, but we are sure it will happen

opening-talk-daniel-agis-branchiThus spoke Daniel Agis Branchi, international expert and consultant on distribution for various companies in the fashion business during the opening talk, “New strategies for footwear distribution: heading for omni-channel retailing”, which inaugurated the 88th edition of Expo Riva Schuh.
As an attentive observatory onto on-going trends in the footwear industry, Expo Riva Schuh continues its analysis of the digital revolution, and after having proposed e-commerce as the theme of last edition’s opening talk, it goes into greater detail in presenting the theme of the digital revolution from a distribution standpoint.


Daniel Agis Branchi urges businesses that want to be successful during this period of transition to pass from multi-channel to omni-channel retailing:

The integrated management of distribution channels is leading towards an improved purchasing experience for the consumer, but also towards an improved performance for companies. This new method revolutionizes traditional distribution hierarchies and forces a rethinking of both the season-based system and brand concept. In this context, the key to success, is the integration between on-line and off-line sales channels.

In light of these new trends, footwear distribution is accordingly constructing new models and new strategies. Even fairs are not exempt from this on-going transformation and are even called upon to reinforce in this omni-channel context their roles as coordinators and meeting points between the various components of the productive and distributive supply chain, as wisely observed by Giovanni Laezza and Carla Costa, General Manager and Manager of the Riva del Garda Fierecongressi Fairs Unit

Distribution today is facing up to the increase in on-line channels, which offer a number of development opportunities, but also pose numerous problems. For the world of fairs too, digital will certainly be one of the frontiers to cross in the near future. Nowadays, it is a change that affects the services aspect, above all, something which has always been close to the heart of Expo Riva Schuh. Thanks to on-line platforms, we can offer more interactive and personalised services and this no doubt provides added value for our event.

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