Obuv: a firm hold on the Russian marketThe pivotal appointment for made in Italy footwear in the Russian market is waiting to tap into the recovery

Oct 11, 2017
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One month after theMICAM, made in Italy footwear makes a prominent return on the Russian market on the occasion of Obuv Mir Kozi, held from 24 to 27 October in Moscow’s Expocentre.

obuv-300x200Well established as a point of reference for the mid and top ranges for the CIS area, Obuv has managed to keep a firm hold on the market even in the difficult two-year period of 2014-15, in spite of the drop in turnover and the shrinking of buyers’ orders. Therefore, now that the market is once again on the rise, Obuv reflects this positive trend showing an increase in participation and meeting the demands of a selective clientele.

Indeed, at the forthcoming event the organisers are expecting over 7,000 professional buyers from all regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and countries of the Caucasus.

This Obuv will also be the focus of a special Russia project for the footwear and leather goods sectors, developed by ICE Agency in collaboration with Assocalzaturifici and Aimpes. fm-mosca-520x245-300x141Having concluded the profiling and mapping of the Russian Federation’s retail in June 2017, the project envisages the organization of B2B meetings at the fair between brands and leather goods of made in Italy and select buyers from the regions. The final phase instead kicks in at the end of Obuv and envisages the promotion of Made in Italy collections within selected stores, from October 2017 to February-March 2018.

Obuv also offers a lounge to welcome buyers to the fair and will host important evening events of networking organized by Assocalzaturifici that will bring together exhibitors, visitors and the international press post-fair.

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