Nike launches Nike Fit

Nike launches a new technology that will allow everyone to find the right size shoes.

May 14, 2019
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Nike Fit is the new foot scanning technology that allows the best fit to be found in the vast offering of Nike shoes. How does it work? By using the foot-scanning feature on the Nike APP, via a smartphone camera the application will recommend the best fit for the shoe of interest to the customer. It will play an essential role in pinpointing the right size, since from one model to the next there can be differences of even one or two sizes in the vast Nike range.

The pilot project of Nike Fit was first launched last year in Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles and will be extended to include the entire USA by the end of July. By the end of summer, it should also be active in Europe, where it will be possible to download the APP and use it to shop either at home or in-store, where a sales assistant will help with the scanning.

According to this giant in sportswear, 60% of us are wearing the wrong shoe size, but with this new technology, there will be no more room for error, at least for those who purchase Nike footwear.

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