Nike Epic React Flyknit: greater springiness, higher performance

Nike Epic React Flyknit, the running shoe with special reactive foam, returns with a whole new look and bold spirit.

Jan 09, 2019
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nike-sp19_rn_react_fer_movement_053The foam is even softer and lighter weight, but durable, offering greater energy return when running, km after km, a requirement making it ideal for long-distance running, as well as for short sprints and relay races. The upper with the Nike Flyknit system allows for a perfect fit & feel, guaranteeing support, flexibility, and breathability where there is greater need. Under the foot, Nike React technology makes it softer and more reactive. The technological midsole allows for an ultra-fluid gait, while the form-fitting heel offers cushioning and stability.

The midsole in foam (which is without glue or other physical reinforcements) is made from a computational design that allows the surface to be constructed in such a way as to guarantee shock-absorption and support in the areas of the foot that are most stressed when running. Thus, superfluous material is eliminated, while keeping the weight to a minimum. The deeper areas are the areas of greatest shock-absorption, while those that are closer to the surface offer a better grip. The intersections in the rubber sole provide traction and increase the lifetime of the shoe.

Finally, the “8-bit” and “Pixel” colours are inspired by the vivid tones and technological world of the 90’s: muted white-lime for the midsole, bright pink-white for the outsole, and sapphire for the heel. An energetic bright look borrowed from the imagery of the first portable videogames and the first bright and colourful computers.


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