The new Ducati Corse and Firebrand proposals by FTG

Launched in long-ago 1959 and present on the market of safety footwear with the brands FTG and Ducati Corse, FTG Safety Shoes S.p.a. presents itself to sector operators with a wide range of new products.

Nov 20, 2018
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It all starts with the three extremely attractive-looking and sporty proposals branded Ducati Corse.

In fact, Valencia, Sepang, and Estoril are all fitted with the innovative Sport Sole, which includes not only a Shock Absorber in the heel area, but also a special Stop System capable of offering greater safety to workers going up and down ladders and/or scaffolding. Moreover, the sole is characterised by two distinct areas: the first, known as the Comfort Area, extends from the central part to the internal part of the sole, with the aim of providing greater comfort. The second, known as the Grip Area, is positioned on the outside of the sole with a special design that allows for a stronger grip, while reducing the risk of slipping above all on uneven terrain. Innovative is also the use of microfiber matched with seamless heat-sealed mesh. These models are all completely metal-free and ESD-compliant, with S3 SRC ESD certification. Valencia comes available in sizes 38 – 47, while Sepang is proposed in sizes 34 -48. Estoril is instead S1P SRC ESD certified and offered in sizes 38 – 47.

The company’s other brand new proposals regard the FTG line, with the recent launching of Firebrand, which features a special sole that is particularly suited to outdoor jobs. This new model offers protection on the toecap and is constructed using innovative Safety-Nabuk material, a microfiber developed by the FTG Research & Development Department, which is highly resistant and breathable, conveying flexibility and softness over time without the deterioration of the technical characteristics, and a high level of comfort for the consumer. This model comes available in sizes 38 to 48, is completely metal-free, and S3 SRC ESD certified.

All the company’s models are dedicated to those individuals requiring an innovative safety shoe with a modern style, which does not sacrifice the elements of maximum protection and durability.

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