Cruelty free changes its faceFour years after its birth, the Opificio V cruelty-free shoe brand transforms into Nemanti Milano to celebrate the its internationalisation. The upcoming objectives are a cruelty-free children’s line and small leather goods.

Jan 10, 2018
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nemanti-3_lowIn 2013 Paola Caracciolo founded Opificio V Milano, the first Italian cruelty-free luxury footwear company. The idea came from a personal need. Paola was a marketing manager for a supermarket chain, she was also a vegan by choice and could not find any proposals on the market that combined respect for animals and style.
Over time, Opificio V Milano has become a reference point for the production of these shoes in Italy and abroad, not only for those looking for a vegan product. “It is customary to think of vegan fashion as a range of products dedicated to a niche of people who follow a very precise philosophy, my goal is different: vegan fashion will succeed when it becomes inclusive, i.e. designed and sellable to everyone, regardless of their personal beliefs”, explains Paola Caracciolo.
The brand includes women and men’s collections made with materials that respect the environment and animals, characterised by elegance and aesthetic care typical of the Italian style.
Today, after four years, Opificio V Milano relaunches and internationalises itself. It is present now present on the international market with the name Nemanti Milano, while remaining faithful to the principles and values that have characterised its success and history.

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