Multicolor: all the colors of the world in a recyclable projectThe world of fashion is always on the lookout for new creative sources of inspiration and new ideas. Cauchos Arnedo, which is specialized in the production of soles for the fashion, occupational, and safety industries, replies to this need with the Multicolor line.

Jan 30, 2019
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Multicolor was created in the laboratories of Cauchos Arnedo as an exclusive technology aimed at the world of fashion. What makes it special is its ability to offer the entire spectrum of Pantone catalogue colors. Plus, its soles can also be matched with imitative and camouflage textures, as well as with inserts made from recycled fabrics, wood, etc.… In other words, Multicolor is a versatile product that is well-suited to satisfying the demands of the market.

Produced in accordance with Reach standard requirements, Multicolor is sustainable because it does not end its lifecycle in the trash, but rather can be recycled for use in roads, playgrounds, etc.

Cauchos Arnedo is a leader in its sector thanks to its use of exclusive technologies, like those that gave life to Multicolor. Moreover, thanks to the use of special shapes, Cauchos Arnedo can offer the market a wide range of multicolor solutions for soles, as well as for wedges and outsoles.


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