Moreschi merges with the espiritu of CubaThe sun, colours, rum, cigars, but above all “el espiritu particular” of Cuba come together with the artisanal style of Moreschi, giving life to a summer collection, which, just like Cuba, warms the heart and captures the eye.

Oct 19, 2017
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42143The Vigevano-based company of handcrafted luxury footwear, Moreschi, expresses its artisanal vocation with soft leathers, bright colours, natural fabrics, and sophisticated workmanship in the sea blue tones of the Caribbean, the green of vegetation, the pink of vintage cars, and the nuances of caramel rum and Cohiba tobacco. Among the most striking models are brogues, derby shoes, double buckle shoes, moccasins, and hand-dyed sneakers that highlight the nuances and uniqueness of the model. The musts of the collection include moccasins with a hand-dyed leather outsole and a finishing that features splendid embroideries designed by perfing, with a designer snaffle in coloured metal and a special mix made from the highly prized tobacco leaves of the island. There are then new unlined derby shoes in coloured suede that are matched with an extralight rubber sole. Last, but not least, we find oxfords and moccasins with fringes in soft interwoven leather, and derby shoes and moccasins in a dual material mix of canvas and suede.

For free time, the Leisuretime capsule collection features new Moreschi trainers in unlined suede, with an embroidered logo on the upper, which are lit up by light blue, green, and pink tones.

The Woman collection by Moreschi has two spirits, one of which is mannish, with iconic men’s models like the derby, oxford, and moccasin in suede, leather, or patent leather, enriched by fringes or by subtle perfing that creates a bon-ton finish with a college look.

There is then the Special model that is re-proposed in a summer version: elegant and fascinating footwear with a vertiginous silhouette, and slender leather laces that wrap around the ankle, finds a luxurious expression in materials like printed crocodile treated with sophisticated effects, bringing to mind exquisite Venetian plasters.  52120-pink67017-cocco-browns

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