MolekinhaLittle trendy princesses

Aug 03, 2017
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mk-2017-4Molekinha and Molekihno are the brands of reference in the Beira Riogroup for boys and girls.  Considered one of the leading producers of footwear in Brazil, Beira Rio has its headquarters in Novo Hamburgo, in Rio Grande do Sul:  founded in 1975, in the city of Igrejinha, today, its first production facility has been joined by nine more production plants in the region, employing 9000 direct employees.
Moreover, it has a portfolio of 6 directly owned brands – Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca and Vizzano, Molekinha and Molekinho, and Moda Ultraconforto – characterized by a proposal that mk-2017-3matches continuous stylistic research with a special focus on comfort and the well-being of the feet.  With the launching of new trends and proposals every week, Beira Rio has become a point of reference for fashion in Brazil.  From here, its footwear reaches 85 different countries worldwide, conquering clientele located around the globe with its original formula.
Even Molekinha, the brand that Beira Rio has dedicated to little fashionable princesses, has a strong focus on continuous stylistic research.  This is the strategy that permits the brand to always launch new products that allow little girls to constantly keep pace with the latest trends.  The Molekinha proposal is rich in personality, just like its little customers, but in addition to its fresh and lively style, it never forgets to include a special attention to comfort, in order to guarantee well-being and the correct development of the foot.
Next to Molekinha, the proposal for boys of Beira Rio is the brand Molekinho:  dedicated to lovers of adventures, it promises to be the very best companion to playtime.

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