Mix of cultures and experimentationAn unusual organizational model is behind the originality of collections offered by Italian brand WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU

Apr 02, 2013
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An unusual organizational model is behind the originality of collections offered by Italian brand What’s more alive than you

What’s More Alive Than You™ is an Italian brand which creates and produces top end collections of footwear and bags for men and women. Its organizational model is rather singular: to create each new collection a team of experts previously collects hundreds of ideas and projects from an international network of designers and creators, that is continually expanding. Seeing the approach, every What’s More collection is a trip round the world: a varied mix of stories, cultures and diverse experience.

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We don’t follow fashions and are not even interested in creating them

explain those responsible for the brand

What interests us is the uniqueness of the project, because we believe that luxury must above all stand out

All the models are made almost entirely by hand strictly in Italy. A fundamental is the search for new materials, as are the technical challenges inherent in the most extravagant prototypes.

We love to blend traditional work methods with the latest technologies, taking ideas also from other more advanced sectors

The new A/W ’13-14 collection features models of amazing style and structure, luxury accessories characterized by colours and fusions of aluminum that create imposing but at the same time ultra light pieces. Lines tend towards asymmetrical with balance taken to the extreme on hi-tech heels and platforms. Leathers offer various effects, patent, embossed and even “pixelated”.

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