Minimalism from 9 to midnight for Amina MuaddiLast year she left Oscar Tiye and everyone was eager to discover her first collection as “solo artist”

Sep 20, 2018
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The designer Amina Muaddi
The designer Amina Muaddi

“I had to start from scratch”, she told Footwear News. “Every aspect had to represent me perfectly, from the image to the advertising campaign passing through the logo and, obviously, the product itself.”

The atmosphere of her collection is modern and fresh, simple and minimal, but with a touch of luxury. The development of the stiletto heel with a geometric base is new (it will probably become her signature).

The designer, who continues to work for the French brand Alexandre Vauthier, said:

Making a minimalist shoe is not easy: when the ingredients are few and the result, though, is wonderful, you accomplished the most out of it.


amina-dettaglioAmina defines her models “shoes from nine to midnight”. That is, they can be worn to work during the day, but also at night when you go out and have fun, because attention to comfort is one of the main aspects of her collection.

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