Metisse: Italian heart, rock spiritUrban matrix and a sophisticated spirit that is also rebellious at the same time

Sep 14, 2017

201707_016___mg_8589Metisse is the must-have shoe for those individuals desiring a trendy look that also adheres to fashion with a “rock” spirit.  Personalized studs, exclusive accessories, and special prints are behind the strong personality of Metisse biker boots, which match high quality materials like Italian cowhide and the traditional craft workmanship of Made in Italy, with a bold and daring design.

Produced by Calzaturificio Pezzella in Sant’Irpino (Caserta), Metisse is distributed by a network of 350 stores spread out between Italy and Europe, with an especially strong presence in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland, as well as a presence outside the Old Continent, in the USA and Japan.  Around 50% of its production is destined for the domestic market, while the remaining 50% goes to international markets:

Ours is a fashion product aimed at a cosmopolitan public attentive to the evolution of trends and looking to make a statement through an accessory that is bold in its style. – comments Raffaele Falco, Marketing Manager of Calzaturificio Pezzella – Metisse accordingly finds its perfect setting in the top retail stores of Europe’s capitals and, as mentioned before, in the USA and Japan, where its bold and concurrently sophisticated style is especially appreciated.  In the future, we count on further reinforcing our presence in the European market, while also entering the Asian one, ready to seize the opportunities offered up by these markets.

Metisse presents its collections at the main trade fairs of reference in the sector:  at the MICAM in Milan, where it will launch its Spring-Summer 2018 collections, as well as at Who’s Next in Paris.

We will soon also participate in White – announces Raffaele Falco – an event which, alongside the others, is the right setting for presenting our proposals.

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