Men’s Shoes: Perfect Equilibrium between style and comfortIn the Men's Shoes 2018 summer season new shapes and rubber- and leather outsoles are created to guarantee freshness and a lightweight feel

Sep 13, 2017

Lifting the moccasin up to an art form: this is what Men’s Shoes has capably achieved in a perfect synthesis between artisanal tradition, sophisticated style, quality materials, and attention to comfort.


A perfect equilibrium that is expressed in the collections of the brand: like the ones proposed for the SS 2018 season, where shapes and new rubber and leather outsoles are created ad hoc in order to guarantee freshness and a lightweight feel, without overlooking elegance and the look. Chic and trendy accessories give a boost to the sportier models, while sophisticated and elegant ones decorate classic and elegant styles. Uppers, aprons, and straps are enriched by piercings, stamped patterning, and laser plays for the very best expression of the leathers…

All the above offers a reassuring comfort, which is fruit not only of the quality materials, but also and above all of the perfect construction of the shoe.

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