Melissa presents its SS 2018 Mapping collectionDuring a historic moment, in which borders around the world are disputed and the population is increasingly brought closer to virtual life, Melissa launches its SS 2018 Mapping collection, where the representation of the official territory and its characteristics take on a new perspective.

Nov 09, 2017
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Today, it is possible to keep track of everything, including quality of life, neighbourhood routines, purchasing power, conflicting social dynamics, and consumer habits. This is the basis of Melissa’s new collection entitled ‘Mapping’.
More than a location, Mapping is inspired by the cultural mapping of fashion places and non-places, where people move, transforming and connecting the dots in real life. The visual artist Verena Smit is responsible for designing the new logo of the collection, which is inspired by the creation of a map of imaginary places. Thus, she makes the desire to discover places and non-places – which become places the moment they are added to the map – a reality. Melissa also looks to its own location, highlighting its origins in the presentation of the collection: thus, all the soles of Mapping shoes, together, create the map of the city of Farroupilha (RS), in Brazil, where they were conceived and produced. Moreover, the brand chooses ten of the season’s main elements, giving them the names of places and non-places, with each represented by its own coordinates, in a setting that brings Melissa to different places around the world. The collection features 7 genderless models: Melissa Flox Unissex, Melissa Free, VWA + Melissa Beach Slide, Melissa Daikanyama, Melissa Beach Slide Shine, Melissa Free + Alexandre Herchcovitch Ad, and Melissa Beach Slide + Alexandre Herchcovitch Ad. The latter’s by now historic collaboration sees this must-have model par excellence for the summer season take on new graphic patterns, thanks to the personal touch of the São Paulo designer.

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