Matteo Renzi meets with Fermano’s businessesAmong the issues discussed, the Footwear crisis, the Made in Labelling and the tax wedge

Oct 20, 2017
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During the meeting held on Thursday, October 19, which brought Matteo Renzi and the MISE Deputy Minister Ivan Scalfarotto face to face with the entrepreneurs of Fermano, the main topic of discussion was the footwear industry’s crisis. The meeting that took place in the Confindustria Fermo headquarters had a number of illustrious guests in attendance, including Enrico Ciccola, President of the footwear section of Confindustria Fermo, who “played host”, the President of Assocalzaturifici Annarita Pilotti, Enrico del Gatto from Confartigianato, Paolo Senzi (Cna), representatives of the various trade unions and first citizens of Montegranaro, Ediana Mancini, and of Monte San Giusto, Andrea Gentili.

Matteo Renzi listened to the many petitions of the entrepreneurs, without ever firmly committing or taking a stance on any of them: “I came to listen”, he replied to those who presented the dramatic figures of the footwear industry to him, which underlined the overwhelming number of requests for the establishment of a financial crisis state, mandatory ‘Made in’ labelling, and the diminution of the cost of labour and the tax wedge.

Many entrepreneurs were interested in having their say, including important names like Marino Fabiani, Mario Bruni, Daniele Gallucci, Enzo Verdicchio, and Silvano Sassetti… Matteo Renzi carefully listened to them all and accepted the documentation from the local labour advisory committee and the official document of the City Council pertaining to the footwear industry’s crisis.

At the end of the meeting, Matteo Renzi and Ivan Scalfarotto went to Arquata del Tronto to visit the new Tod’s facility, which was opened in order to provide jobs for around one hundred earthquake victims: “Unfortunately Della Valle is teaching us a lesson – commented the ex-Prime Minister – I didn’t believe he would arrive before the state”.

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