Magnus by Suecos, the safety clog, both lightweight and secureAt the last edition of SICUR in Madrid, the Spanish company presented a new clog model specially designed to satisfy the needs of professionals who require protective, ultralight, footwear with a reinforced toe-cap, which is capable of withstanding up to 1500 kgs of pressure.

Mar 07, 2018
Posted in: , Safety

With its headquarters in Madrid, Suecos, which is specialised in the production of professional healthcare shoes, presented at the last edition of Sicur Madrid this past February a new clog model specially designed for professions requiring extremely lightweight and comfortable shoes, with toe-cap protection. Especially suited to cooks and other individuals working in professional kitchens, Magnus is the result of almost two years of planning and tests, in order to create an ultralight and ergonomic shoe, capable of surpassing the strictest safety tests.

Rosa Novoa, General Director of Suecos, confirms: “With the Magnus range, our company intends to achieve two almost incompatible goals: offering an extremely lightweight and protective shoe that is also comfortable at the same time. We have, in fact, verified that up until now the safety footwear market was lacking models lightweight enough for professionals having to stay on their feet for many hours a day, thus forcing them to choose between comfort and safety”. And she adds: “In order to achieve this result, our Research and Development department collaborated at length with the Vigo Istituto di Biomeccanica UMANA INNOVA. The product has undergone the strictest safety checks in order to obtain INESCOP: 20345, the highest possible level of certification. We are very proud of this result, which represents a technological advancement in EVA footwear”.

Suecos, which was first founded twelve years ago, today is present in 45 countries worldwide, through numerous distribution channels that include drugstores, orthopaedic shops, professional sectors, and online sales. In 2015, it inaugurated its first concept-store in Barcelona, followed by two more openings in Athens, and others soon scheduled to take place in 2018.

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