Lyst launches the Sneaker Intelligence Unit also in ItalyDo you want to put your knowledge of sneakers to the test? Today, Lyst, the online leading search engine in the world of fashion gives you the opportunity.

Feb 21, 2019
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With a market worth 55 billion dollars and over one million pairs purchased each month online, the sneaker is a phenomenon that requires constant monitoring. This is why Lyst promoted a project aimed at creating a team of experts that will keep pace with the phenomenon and with the latest trends, concepts, and chats by the community of shoe lovers: this is the Sneaker Intelligence Unit.

The new unit will combine its knowledge with the data that Lyst collects from the market: the results will be compiled into a new series of reports on the sneaker industry and on the habit of its community of fans.

So, how does one become a part of the Unit? Just answer the online questionnaire that will put your knowledge to the test on the design, history, and culture of the sneaker. The test is timed and set up to avoid cheating (like looking for the answers on the internet). The candidates that pass the first test, with at least 80% of the questions answered correctly, will then go on to the next step of the selection. Finally, those who are chosen to become part of the Sneaker Intelligence Unit will either be directly paid or compensated through special benefits including access to exclusive sector events, along with a voucher towards a pair of sneakers.

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Here’s the address for participating in the contest: Good Luck!

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