Liu Jo shoes aims to achieve 34 million euros

Produced as part of a joint venture with Eli srl, the Liu Jo footwear line has arrived at an annual sales revenue of 24 million euros and expects to end 2019 with an uptrend of 40%, allowing it to achieve 34 million euros.

May 14, 2019
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The Liu Jo management team expressed satisfaction for the performance of the footwear line, which renews the values of the brand with its stylistic codes and quality, while announcing its intention to invest energy and resources in the further promotion of its growth.

Currently, 85% of its sales revenue is generated through the wholesale channel, with 50% in Italy and 50% abroad in countries like France, Germany, Benelux, Spain and Portugal. Future strategies for growth will include the Far East via collaborations with players in China and South Korea, and a presence in the Japanese market starting from 2020. In terms of products, the sneaker represents 60% of its sales.

Among the brand’s future projects is included the online customisation of footwear, which will give customers the chance to personalise the shoes with their own initials and different graphic elements.

Since FW 2019, Liu Jo has also had a children’s footwear line in place, which, will debut at Pitti Bimbo for SS2020.

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