Leading Role, take off the maskThe Taiwanese brand, Leading Role, makes handcrafted women’s shoes in leather with a very colourful and unusual profile. A new role of style.

Jan 12, 2018
Posted in: , Shoes on Stage

leading-role____cally-lilymint-blueHumans wear different masks in life. They live their life as others expect them to and in the process, they lose a little bit of who they are.
This is the philosophical thought that inspired the Taiwanese Leading Role brand. A brand that thinks and creates handcrafted collections in leather, with original and unusual designs and colour combinations.
A shoe concept that aims to give each woman their true role, the centrality and freedom of not wearing a mask and of finding their own unique and unrepeatable personality.
Art itself stimulates the Leading Role models in a successful attempt to interpret and show another profile of beauty.

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