L’Arianna: when the “California construction method” is applied to high heelsThe keen entrepreneurial spirit and meticulous attention to the needs of modern women allows the L'Arianna footwear company to create an innovative shoe with the same comfort as a slipper, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art California construction methods.

Mar 28, 2018
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Where did it all begin? From the story of L’Arianna: this footwear brand first got its start in the Sixties, and under the management of its founder Mario Capuano, specialised its production in slippers realized through traditional California construction methods. With the entry of the family’s second generation into the company, the founder’s son Gianluca, together with Sales Director Beppe Albino thought about applying this antique construction technique also to footwear with a high heel (up to 11 cm). The result was an extremely soft and flexible shoe, which guaranteed maximum comfort to the feet of the wearer. larianna-2

“We realised a new system of applicative construction: – declares Gianluca Capuano – we were the first to do so worldwide and today we still have an exclusive on this construction method that allows us to create stylish footwear of unrivalled comfort”. The new methodology perfectly merges with the company’s tradition of artisanal production that is exclusively Made in Italy, allowing for the creation of unique and quality products, which are appreciated both in Italy and abroad: “It’s a technique that requires a significant amount of manual intervention; – explains Capuano – machinery allows us to complete the work cycle and apply basic finishes. Elettrotecnica BC was a fundamental partner in this sense: it personalised its machinery and adapted its technological advances to suit our specific production needs, allowing us to achieve excellent results”.

larrianna4 Why is the California construction method so comfortable? “The lining is directly stitched to the insole of the shoe for maximum flexibility of the sole: – replies Gianluca Capuano – any of our shoes, including both flats and pumps, can be folded in half and they will return to their exact original shape as soon as they are released. We would like for women, when they get home, to not feel a sense of relief when taking off their heels”.larianna-3

Gianluca Capuano, who today manages the company with his wife Alessandra Manno, looks to product excellence for the expansion of the brand both in Italy and abroad: “We are synonymous with quality, style, and technical capability: our product speaks for itself, its quality is our best form of advertising. Thanks to this we have managed to establish ourselves in the Italian market and in foreign markets like Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and Austria…”

What are L’Arianna’s future projects?

“Continuing to expand abroad in other foreign markets, while always basing ourselves on the strength and quality of our product. But without the overwhelming need to grow disproportionately: we would like to maintain our quality and to do so we must follow a gradual path of growth, which will continue to guarantee the high qualitative standards our clientele are used to”.

An important point of reference for the presentation of L’Arianna’s collections is the Milan showroom in via Savona 70 that is adjacent to the city’s fashion district: “It is here that we meet up with our Italian and foreign customers and present the new collections dedicated to classy and feminine women, who are unwilling to sacrifice their comfort. To them we present stylish and sophisticated footwear that is also comfortable like a slipper, as can be seen in the proposals of our FW 2018-19 collection: boots, pumps, and flats in every possible height, with a contemporary design and first-rate materials, which focus on comfort and reflect our use of the California construction technique”.

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