The first robot to make a shoeKeen continues to innovate both its products and production processes, as clearly demonstrated by the Uneek project, a new sandal concept constructed entirely by a robot.

Jan 11, 2018
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uneek_m_1014620_3q_lowFor the first time in the shoe industry, a robot is able to construct an entire shoe thanks to the conception of a very special model and the desire for innovation that has always distinguished Keen. The Uneek Footwear production platform developed by the brand clearly inserts itself in the destructuring path of the footwear industry that Keen has embarked upon. A way to reinvent the industry.

“From its inception, the Uneek project was never about creating a shoe, but was based on the idea of creating a new manufacturing platform for the footwear industry”, explained Rory Fuerst Jr, Keen’s Director of Innovation.

Uneek in itself is a very interesting shoe as it is constructed with an upper able to naturally conform to the shape of the foot, thanks to an independent but engaged cord system. The combination of two cords and their junction creates a shoe with an unmatched level of comfort. An entirely new footwear experiekeen_uneek_robot_low
nce is created for the wearer.

This special feature is emphasised by the fact that the shoe can be constructed entirely by a robot developed by Keen with the collaboration of House of Design, a company based in Idaho (USA). The robotic cell is capable of producing a Uneek shoe in half the time of the current production process. An important step towards the future.

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