Between Italy and Albania, a Group genuinely specialised in safetyOrganisation, technological innovation, Research & Development, and quality control are the key factors that have ensured the success of Alba&N over time, transforming it into a leading reality in the sector of work and safety footwear.

Nov 14, 2018
Posted in: , Safety

Alba&N is capable of offering highly efficient services at extremely competitive prices, thanks to four big production facilities located in various parts of Albania (Lac, Tirana, Valona, and Corovode) and a central office in Trani, Italy, which hosts not only the commercial and logistics offices, but also a Research and Development department, while acting as a bridgehead to the European and global market. Accordingly, it’s a genuine Group of companies with a complete production cycle: around 40,000 square metres of covered production surface area, a workforce of around 2000 employees, 6 PU and TPU injection machines and one PVC injection machine, with a productive capacity of around 8000 pairs of shoes a day in a vast range of styles and soles.

It is exactly Alba&N’s ability to realize all of its production completely in-house that ensures a high level of flexibility and capacity for change, with shorter production lead times and deliveries, and the possibility to satisfy the multiple and diversified needs of clientele.

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