Il Centimetro: from bracelets to sneakersThe brand known for its bracelets inspired by the design of the measuring tape used by tailors launched its new collection of sneakers branded Il Centimetro at this edition of Pitti Uomo.

Jan 11, 2019
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A pure Made in Italy project embracing the unmistakable and distinguishing style of both bracelets and accessories proposed by the brand. Italian craftsmanship, fine leathers, an innovative design with side decoration representing the iconic sartorial measuring tape, and an ultralight Wearlight outsole are some of the features of this new proposal. Moreover, handmade customisation is realised by means of a spray gun for unique artisanal details.
This project marks the path of the Il Centrimetro brand towards new market segments, where the aim is to strengthen values of quality and originality by proposing these new sneakers as a symbol of a style that cannot be…. measured!

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