Houston is the protagonist of the WE collection by LUMBERJACKThe WE Collection by Lumberjack dedicated to “Urbanatures”

Feb 14, 2017
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The WE Collection by Lumberjack is dedicated to “Urbanatures”, normal extraordinary people who recognise and appreciate nature in the city.

The Houston model represents leisure sneakers that beautifully combine urban lifestyle and nature, while offering a strategic comfort to effortlessly deal with the hectic pace of city living. The materials are the classic ones of the Houston model, designed for a multipurpose shoe perfect for any occasion. Suede or nubuck. The innovative sole consists of a mix of EVA and rubber and comes with a shock absorber system with Centric technology. Also available in a waterproof version.


Lumberjack – Brand Park srl https://www.lumberjack.it/

The brand with a double maple leaf signature was founded in 1979 following the journey of a dynamic craftsman from […]

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