Holster presents the new models of the Azura CollectionThe Holster brand has conquered women around the world

Sep 12, 2017
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With an inspiration that has always arrived from the relaxed and cool atmospheres of the Australian coast, the strong personality of the Holster brand has capably conquered women around the world not only through its legendary jelly sandals, but increasingly today also through its ultra fashion sneakers.


Standing out in particular among the new proposals are the Maya and Armour sandals from the Azura line, which are inspired, in the words of their creator Natalie Miller, by “the moment in which the sun sets below the horizon and the ocean begins to glitter like diamonds”.  Maya and Armour are two ‘poolside’ models characterized by an innovative construction that matches a jelly upper with metalized finishings and an EVA sole that is doubled by an EVA insole covered in PU.  It is the EVA ultralight insole that conveys a feeling of lightness and comfort to the models, making them suitable for wearing all day long.


The design of these two new models is simple but versatile – comments Natalie Miller, Creative Director of the Australian brand – and the poolside models have by now become a must for all women who are attentive to fashion.  This is because they are capable of combining fashion content with comfort… who could ask for more?

Recently, Holster has also been recognized by the Vegan Society which has certified its products ad “made without exploitation or cruelty against animals“.


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