Gucci, once again first in the Brand Z listBrand Z, the classification of the 30 most valuable brands published by Wpp and Kantar once again sees Gucci secure the top position. In 2019, the brand doubled in value, generating a revenue worth $24.4 billion dollars.

Mar 24, 2019
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If Italian brands, all together, recorded a +14% rise in value, arriving at 96.6 billion dollars, then just seven luxury brands present in the classification were responsible for 40% of the total value. In addition to Gucci, the classification of the top 30 includes Prada at sixth place with 3.89 million euros, for a downtrend equal to -5%. Armani is at 10th place and Fendi at 13th with increases in value respectively of 5% and 22%. There is then Bottega Veneta at 16th place, Salvatore Ferragamo coming in at 19th place and Bulgari at 25th.
Why are Italian luxury brands so successful?  The reason explained by Brand Z is because they are “sexy, revolutionary and rebellious, playful and fun”, encompassing all the typical values of the Italian way of life, and when compared to brands from other countries, they are “resilient and innovative, as well as capable of offering an extraordinary consumer experience”.

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