Grisport shoes in South Africa with Giorgio and MartinaThe digital adventure of Grisport continues in South Africa, following in the footsteps of the travel bloggers Giorgio and Martina. After their trip to Iceland, this new destination for travellers puts the trekking shoes of this highly celebrated Venetian brand to the test.

Feb 21, 2019
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Their names are Giorgio and Martina and on their Instagram page @invaggiocoltubo and self-named You Tube channel, they allow 41 thousand followers to dream while following their adventures around the world. Trips where they are always accompanied by their beloved and reliable Grisport trekking shoes.

For their last stopover in South Africa, they renewed their collaboration with the Venetian label by wearing, during their excursions, the shoes from the Free Time and Multiaction Collections that are destined to become a cult classgrisport-14301-vesuv-v5-freetime_grisport_uomoic for the most adventuresome travellers. The Freetime line presents two categories of products, the first extremely technical and fitted with waterproof constructions and materials. The second with ultra-breathable materials for a comfort perfectly suited to Africa. The Multiaction line is instead characterised by multifunctional footwear in a perfect balance between technology, comfort, and quality, with products designed not only for free time, but also for brief excursions.

A point of reference for many travel-addicted adventurers, the couple Giorgio and Martina are the very best celebrity endorsers for the Grisport brand. Their trip to South Africa represents a great opportunity for Grisport to put its sports footwear for leisure time and outdoor use to the test, while satisfying the needs of the most demanding travellers. Grisport, which was founded in 1977, today is quickly climbing the ranks and has arrived among the top 50 small and medium-sized companies in Italy with the strongest growth trend.


Founded in 1977 by two brothers, Graziano and Mario Grigolato, as a company specialised in the artisanal production of trekking […]

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