Goodbye Rino!After a long and debilitating illness, our Director Rino Panseri, left us. He was editor-in-chief of our magazines, overseeing them with great professionalism and humanity, as well as one of the leading figures in our sector of journalism. A great professional, but also a friend for many of us. The editorial staff of Fotoshoe and Arsutoria joins his family in mourning his loss.

Sep 25, 2017
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This past 24 September, Rino Panseri, after a long battle with illness, passed away. He was 67 years old, and for many years was considered one of the sector’s most esteemed and well-known journalists. Rino Panseri, in addition to being irreplaceable as a colleague, also had a great passion for golf. He loved nothing more than a good glass of wine, a dish of tagliatelle with mushrooms, oysters, and bread. He loved laughing and joking around, and was a maestro in turning nonsense into his own personal forte.rino-panseri

At the same time, he was a tireless businessman and expert in depicting the life of a sector – that of footwear manufacturing – where he was always actively involved in some of its most important moments.

Above all, he was a friend, a great and amazing friend.

So, we would like to say to Rino one last time: Ciao Rino, have a nice trip and – if you can – give us a call every now and then: I’ll tell you all the latest gossip in shoes, bags, about our friends, myself, and all of us.

And you will continue to smile down on us, maybe with a touch more of irony than in the past.

To your wife Cristina and your children Giulia and Simona, a warm embrace from all of us at Fotoshoe-Arsutoria.


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