Diadora Glove Tech and Trail: welcome to work!The new Diadora Utility line proposals presented at A+A 2017

Nov 02, 2017
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Diadora technology designed for the sports segment also finds its perfect expression in the Utility collection, thus offering the best possible solutions for the needs of the safety market.

glove-tech-bassaOne example is the iconic Glove model, a Diadora bestseller for 10-plus years, which today is proposed in a new version called Glove Tech, making use of innovative Net Breathing System technology and proposing itself as the most breathable safety footwear available on the market. The system, designed by Geox laboratories, is based on a breathable membrane placed in the midsole, which maintains a constant temperature inside the shoe during its use, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort. Enriching the model is also high quality Perwanger leather, which offers an excellent level of resistance to water and high degree of breathability.

d-trail-copiaAnother important news is the Trail line, designed specifically for facing the harshest weather conditions, with an even higher level of performance made possible by the use of a special Sympatex membrane, which guarantees maximum resistance to water and wind, in accordance with WR certification standards. The Sympatex membrane, which is extremely slim and elastic, is made of a non-toxic polyester that is completely free of fluorocarbons, making it is also 100% recyclable”.

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Diadora is an Italian manufacturer of shoe, clothing, and fashion accessories. Founded in 1948 in Caearano San Marco (Veneto), now Diadora […]

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