Geox: the spotlight on women, China, and the USAAfter a period characterized by downtrends, Geox ends 2016 with a final sales revenue of 900.8 million euro (+3% over 2015), with gross earnings equal to 47.6 million euro, corresponding to 5.3% of the turnover. At the same time, the brand reorganizes its structure in order to accelerate its growth.

Jun 27, 2017
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geox-suola2The new management team sees former Pirelli employee Gregorio Borgo as its new CEO, while communications is entrusted to Andrea Tremolada, who has long-time experience in the luxury sector. Instead, the new team of designers will be headed in the women’s section by Ernesto Esposito. It is exactly on the women’s segment – which on its own represent 65% of global footwear sales – that Geox has set its sights, with an offering more strongly focused on the aesthetics of the product, without, however, forgetting about the technology that has made the brand famous. Instead, as far as the markets are concerned, China and the USA will be the focal points of Geox’s future strategies: for the former, there will be an expansion in the retail network that already counts 150 flagship stores throughout the country, while for the latter there will be a development in wholesaling.

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