Gena: the all-daylong shoe with extendable heelAn all-daylong shoe? Oh yesss: today it is possible thanks to the brilliant invention of the young stylist from Singapore, Cherre Hermogena Eng.

Oct 24, 2017
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She is the inventor of the shoe with an extendable heel: from a low and comfortable shoe for daytime use, it becomes a stiletto pump that can be flaunted at parties in the evening. By just pushing a button, the heel will come popping out of its hiding place under the shoe, and it’s a done deal!

The young designer who firmly believes in her innovative creation accordingly launched her first collection, which was partially self-financed, and partially supported by Kickstarter crowdfunding. Thus, the Gena line was created as a line of footwear for transformable women, featuring a sandal with straps, a pump, and an asymmetrical low-cut pump. The heels of each model, which extend from two to nine centimetres, can subsequently be folded away back up under the shoes until they are no longer visible.

The three models that are available (at the moment) are made from genuine nappa lambskin, in a combination of sophistication and softness. This choice renews the concept of the collection, where a heel is the embodiment of the values of aesthetics and comfort.

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