Gabriel Motica has the mountains running through his veinsThe Romanian climber has always loved the mountains and the Kayland products that “know how to be innovative, but always safe”.

May 27, 2018
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gabriel-motica-kayland-2_lowWe asked Gabriel Motica, Romanian climber and a big fan of Kayland, a few questions to find out more about his passion for the mountains and his work.

What is your training and experience in mountaineering and expeditions?
“I have been climbing mountains since I can remember, which means I have been practicing mountain climbing for 37 years. When I was young, I climbed many routes in the Carpathians. Then I discovered the Alps. I climbed 24 peaks over 4000 metres in the Alps and cannot forget the splendour of the Dolomites. In 2014, I had the chance to be part of the Romanian expedition to Everest”.

What are your most exciting mountaineering feats?
“Every mountain climb is a challenge. I learn something new every time. But the expedition to Everest two months ago was a dream come true. I discovered a new world, new cultures, new mountains. The highest mountains. It was a challenge to go beyond my limits.”

What are the most important features of a mountain shoe?
“It must be comfortable immediately, at the exact moment that you put it on. It must offer comfort, stability, protection, good grip on the terrain, and must keep your feet dry.
That’s why I really love the Kayland models: they use the best materials, new technologies, continuous research on the anatomy of the foot and on the dynamics. They are focused on comfort and functionality”.

What are the Romanian mountains like?
“Wild. We still have mountain villages with ancient traditions and very hospitable people”.


018018040-xm-lite-gtx-blue-lime_lowXM Lite GTX

Kayland takes into high consideration the possibility of using their boots for many seasons, in many activities and territories. The XM Lite GTX was born from this spirit, designed especially for tough hikes and long walks, even carrying heavy loads. Its compact construction and no-frills design is perfect for three climatic seasons, without neglecting comfort in any way.

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