From Milan, Joao Doria speaks also of footwearOn the sidelines of the meetings with Marco Tronchetti Provera, Confindustria, Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala, and the lesson held at the Università Bocconi, São Paulo’s mayor Joao Doria speaks with us of Brazilian footwear and Couromoda.

Oct 16, 2017
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Recently, São Paulo’s mayor Joao Doria made an official state visit to Italy, stopping in Milan and Venice in order to meet up with some of Italy’s leading political and entrepreneurial protagonists. Among others, he also had the opportunity to meet up with Marco Tronchetti Provera, President of Pirelli, to speak of the Italian company’s activities in Brazil, especially with regards to Interlagos. Mayor Doria then spoke with the heads of Confindustria and with various entrepreneurs interested in investing in Brazil, followed by an intense meeting with Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala, which was extremely friendly and of mutual interest. During the face-to-face discussion, they decided to work together on four themes, towards what will then be the basis for a mutually beneficial agreement. The areas on which the two cities, which have been sister cities for a number of years now, will collaborate are transportation, safety, the environment, and a cultural vision. “Although of different dimensions, Milan and São Paulo are both the economic centres of their respective country, they are innovative cities on the rise, and it seemed natural, in a twinning that has gone on for many years now, to find a formula capable of reinforcing this relationship”, said Mayor Sala. “The theme of transportation will be associated with that of safety and sustainable development: Milan and São Paulo have the same problem when it comes to developing transportation, without negatively affecting the environmental impact”, explained Doria.  

We met up with Mayor Doria immediately after a “lesson” held with students from the renowned Italian University of Bocconi, and we couldn’t help but ask him something about footwear: “Our footwear industry – he began – is on the path to full recovery and exports are increasingly highlighting what we are capable of doing. We have some years of difficulty behind us, but I believe 2018 will be an even greater year for recovery. This is possible thanks also to the activities of the trade association (Abicalçados) and to events like Couromoda – this year celebrating its 45th anniversary – which have contributed to introducing ‘Made in Brazil’ to the entire world, while providing significant support to the development of our industry and also the economy of São Paulo. Francisco Santos really did an excellent job of great importance and wide scope”.

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